Dreamingsouth.it is a web format that leads and inspires young creative individuals from all over the world for a dream week in the south of Italy. Creative individuals such as Bloggers, Journalists, photographers and videographers coming together with the aim of describing and portraying the territory through multimedia Arts, with a fresh outlook and a less formal approach. 

The philosophy is
"live like a local", to live and travel, experiencing first hand and close contact with the locals, discovering the traditions and tasting typical products.

The pilot took place in
Cariati - Calabria, the land of hospitality and ancient traditions. The "Magna Grecia"(Great Greece) was chosen in order to rediscover its rich history and culture and introduce it to the modern world using an innovative communication platform and various multimedia contents.
10 young bloggers, photographers and videographer from all over the world to tell the South Italy through real life experiences

2013 dreamingsouth.it project - info@dreamingsouth.it

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DS #1
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CALABRIA - A WEEK IN CARIATI (Watch it in FULL HD) from Dreaming South on Vimeo.

DreamingSouth - edition 1
Silvana Krauss
Lara E. Tompa
Samantha Saad